Eilean Gowan

Personal Project, Web Design

Eilean Gowan

BRIEF:  Create a campaign promoting a one way ticket to an unlikely destination of your choosing.

IDEA:  Target market: recent graduates/Celtic tiger cubs, that are a bit reluctant to move away from the comforts of home – much to the despair of their Irish mammies. Unlikely destination: “Eileen Gowan” a Canadian island. ‘Gowan’ is also a popular slang Irish term for the phrase “ah sure go on”. 

Phase 1: Use three Irish social media influencers to create hype around the destination. 

Phase 2: Given the indecisive target market and considering what a big decision it is for anyone to make, this campaign will have to accommodate the natural human reaction of doubt, by re-targeting the possible candidates. While on the website, one will be prompted to supply their phone number to receive future ‘newsletters’… Two weeks later, each possible candidate will get a “mammy text” directing traffic back to the website but this time encouraging them to start the process of moving.

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