Listerine Presents: Seriously, What is This?

Client Project, TV

Listerine Presents: Seriously, What is This?

CLIENT:  Listerine USA + Listerine Global

BRIEF:  Help educate and introduce Listerine Ready! Tabs, the brand’s biggest innovation to date, to a global audience, and create an entirely new consumer behavior: public swishing.

APPROACH:  In a very competitive and highly saturated category, we needed to convince consumers that only Listerine Ready! Tabs are as effective as carrying around a portable sink (except way more convenient). I was the global creative lead on the project and had a hand in everything from product development to the roll out of a fully integrated, multi-channel campaign that was adapted in 86 countries worldwide.

RESULT:  The OLV (on line video) was so successful at educating potential consumers that Listerine Global decided to run this on TV internationally along with the original TV ad ‘Raise-formation’. Nearly 340MM media impressions (more than 26x other US Listerine launches), a 22% influencer engagement rate (literally 1000x above benchmark) and earned placement in more than 30 publications.

TEAM:  Copywriter: Christina Pitsinos



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