Power of ten

Personal Project, Social Media

Power of ten

Promote rural resettlement and show how rural living can give families opportunities they would never get living in urban areas.

The solution would appear on Facebook in a side panel as an App, reading: ‘REFRESH YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE. Click here to refresh your page and see what living outside of Dublin would be like for you.’ By clicking on the App, it would instantly ‘refresh’ the profile page to a new updated fictitious one. This new profile page will show what life would be like if one were to choose rural resettlement (new possible jobs, schools, hobbies, social groups, and where you could live.) These would all be factual; based on information Facebook has gathered from previous Internet searches etc. The campaign would also be of benefit to the rural communities and economies, as it would advertise local businesses in the ‘like’ panels. The ‘Refresh’ App has factual advice and help about resettling, making the move a more viable option. 

This project was chosen by Chemistry Advertising Agency as one of the “Power of Ten” 2015 winners and I was published in the August edition of IMJ (The Irish Marketing Journal), as ‘ones to watch’.

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