Save the Children

Advertising, Client Project

Save the Children

Save the Children estimates that 2.5 million underage girls give birth against their will each year — meaning every seven seconds, a girl under 15 is forced into marriage. It needed a disruptive, meaningful solution that would cut through the noise and get new donors — and it all had to be accomplished with no budget and very little time. 

To raise awareness for the cause, we launched, a parody e-commerce site. Though it looked like an actual e-commerce site that sold gifts, no items were actually for sale. Instead, it hammered home the point that for the cost of a Mother’s Day card, $5.99, you could make a donation that would make a meaningful impact for at-risk girls across the world. Copywriter: Christina Pitsinos.

AdAge Editors Pick May 2017, Creativity’s Editors Pick May 2017, AdWeek Adfreak Pick May 2017, Coloribus, Ads Of The World



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