LSAD Fashion Show ’15

Branding, Personal Project

LSAD Fashion Show ’15

Create and develop a design strategy that would represent and celebrate the LSAD Fashion graduating class of 2015.

Individuality is a key element of all LSAD students especially LSAD Fashion students. The students are the creators and makers of their own work and they go through a complete design process bringing their design from 2D to 3D. The concept behind this proposal was to create a campaign that encompassed the individuality of the students and how their unique perspectives result in beautiful work. I wanted to show how fashion reflects its environment. All the students are given the same tools but the results are always different because of their perspectives. I chose to communicate this with the use of a kaleidoscope as a visual metaphor for perspective and creating. A kaleidoscope does far more than just reflect what it is looking at- it is far more unique, making the ordinary, extraordinary -like the work of the LSAD Fashion students.

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