World Cup Info-graphic

Personal Project, Typography

World Cup Info-graphic

Create an editorial piece designed to accompany The Guardian newspaper.

The project translates four statistics surrounding the 2014 World Cup and its host country Brazil, into visual info graphics. The minimal grey and blue colours allow the information and details to stand out on the pages. Most of the infographics contain a circular element- symbolic of the football. The first statistic visually represents the goals scored by each team. The Second statistic represents what player has the most global awareness on social media (a combination of Facebook and twitter followers). The third statistic is an investigation into the social and economic situation of Brazil, which was looked at using Brazil’s views on President Rousseff’s handling of key issues. Finally, the fourth statistic compares how many tournaments the current participating countries have taken part in. This document also includes an article by Rob Draper looking back over ten things we learned from the World Cup 2014.

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